Business Psychology

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James Larsen, Ph.D.
1100 Galloway Ave.
Lincoln, NE 68512 USA
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At this moment, in universities all over the world, thousands of researchers are studying problems of interest to business owners: How to get more customers? How to attract attention to a product or service? How to prosper as a business? How to manage people?

These researchers make progress. They discover new rules to follow and new ideas to try, and they describe their findings in academic journals: Academy of Management Journal, Journal of Applied Psychology, Psychology & Marketing, Journal of Consumer Research, Administrative Science Quarterly, and many others.

For a number of years, it has been my mission to identify the most useful of these findings and to report how to implement them. I published a management newsletter for ten years (Digest of Management Research 1990-1999) and I began working with business and trade associations in 1992. That effort is ongoing.

The articles collected in this web site represent the best of these writings. My intent is to create a searchable archive so that visitors to this web site can explore recent findings that might help them with current problems and concerns, and I will regularly update it. Those wishing to learn more about me can examine my resume.

The research literature is a rich resource, and I believe that people who practice business for a living would have greater success if they knew the findings described in these articles. The associations that provide them earn their members' gratitude and loyalty, especially when they include articles in their newsletters.

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