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The Importance of association newsletters:

Newsletters promote associations. They remind members of benefits, pass on association news, offer helpful information, report lobbying activities, and print pictures of association activities. This self-promotion is crucial, especially as business owners consider renewing their memberships, but there’s a problem. Newsletters only offer promotional value if they’re read.

Daily newspapers use features to draw people in. Readers look forward to comics, advice columns, and movie reviews. The effect is to get people to turn pages and spend time with the newspaper, so promotional messages have a chance to be noticed. Association newsletters can do this too, and my articles offer this possibility.

I search out relevant, interesting findings from business psychology studies that are buried in academic journals. Next, I match findings with specific associations and write articles for them. My articles describe the problems and the findings, and they explain opportunities for change using this new knowledge. Business owners find my articles interesting and relevant, and they look forward to my next article. That’s the key advantage for associations.

With my articles, association newsletters are less likely to be set aside unopened, and promotional messages are more likely to be effective. For many associations, this advantage is worth the space in the newsletter and the cost.

Here are three examples for you to examine: The Language of Buyers, The Irony of Punishment, and The Persuasiveness of Uncertainty.

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